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Welcome to the web site for Retirees of the U.S. Forest Service, dedicated to the promotion of the ideals and principles of natural resource conservation upon which the U.S. Forest Service was founded, and to provide a world-wide forum to encourage continuous progress in their refinement and application.


Cruise this web site to view News about natural resource management, and contacts in Region and Area Retiree Organizations. You can read about The National Association of Forest Service Retirees and sign up for membership.

Website updates - March 31, 2014

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Current Fire activity - -

Daily Situation Report, National Interagency Coordination Center - link to NICC's current report.


For more up-to-date website for wildfire info check out . This report is based on ICS-209s.


Good Link to independent source of Forest Service news


  Call for Newsletter articles from John Maker


2015 Forest Service Reunion Information - Posted 02/18/2014


Info - New Book & Firefighter Safety Forum - - Posted 02/18/2014



Letter to Chief, dated 11/25/2013 - - Posted 12/12/2013

NAFSR Policy Document approved by BOD 10/2013 - - Posted 12/12/2013


Chronology of Events, History -  by Gerald Williams, Ph.D,


Update info on annual meeting, see you there ! - - Posted 07/18/2013

NAFSR annual meeting in Salt Lake City - October 8th.

Tuesday, October 8th at 1:30 pm till 5:30 pm. Then a full day October 9th from 8:00 am till 5:00 pm. Then a 1/2 day field trip on
October 10th, so folks can fly home late on October 10th. We'll be meeting in Salt Lake City, Utah. 
- - Posted 06/18/2013

Proposal to Transfer, Santa Fe National Forest, "Valles Caldera Trust" lands from National Forest Management to National Park Management  - - Posted 06/19/2013


MDC is hosting a lecture series on June 27th..  speaker will be Cynthia “Mil” Duncan, PhD. Ms. Duncan is a national expert on rural poverty and community development and the author of Worlds Apart: Why Poverty Persists in Rural America  - - Posted 06/18/2013


The Center of the American West is offering a large lecture class this spring called The American West - - Posted 01/17/2013



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There are some interesting stories provided on the History page .


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